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Sick People and their Germs

It’s time to go back to one of my favorite rant topics. Why do people continue to come in to work when they are sick?

This is one of my top pet peeves. It is simply disrespectful to others around you when you come into the workplace sick. I don’t want your germs and work hard to take care of myself, only to be potentially (most likely) sabotaged by your inconsiderate nature. Normal people have problems with this. The fact that I have OCD just adds to the fact.

My diagnosed condition is not a cute little quirk or something I just say that I have in order to get attention. I’m sitting at work right now wanting to cry because I am completely powerless over other people that are rude and spreading their germs.

A little background:

This fall, coworkers were coming into work clearly sick and it was upsetting to myself and a few others. I consulted these like-minded people who informed me that they had tried to do something about it before, and that I shouldn’t expect much if I decided to speak up. I knew that for my own sanity I needed to voice my concerns. So long story short, we ended up having a company meeting. Everyone in the office now knows that I have OCD and that it truly causes me a great deal of anxiety. One individual decided to blame her sick symptoms on asthma. Forgive me, but I didn’t know asthma caused snot and phlegm *insert sarcasm*. The audacity of this individual to outright lie baffled me, and still baffles me. How she chooses to conduct herself and her respective higher power, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me EXCEPT for the fact that I spoke my mind. At least I tried, regardless of the result.

Fast forward to today, where two coworkers have HACKING coughs like they are coughing up pieces of their lungs. It is clear and obvious that they are ill. One coworker was filing something in the cabinets behind me, and one of the sickies walks by on the way to the bathroom. The person filing asked her if she was going to go home, and sickie said no and that she feels fine. “It just sounds bad” and “I’m not sick” were two statements that stuck out. As a result of them standing directly behind me, I suppose her saying that she wasn’t sick was supposed to assuage my anxiety in some way or another, but I know better. It really is hard for me to believe that people will lie just to stay at work.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by others’ disrespect at this point in my life, but I just can’t shake that last little bit of hope I have for the human race.

UPDATE: Everyone, I bought an air purifier! I mean, I already have a few at home but I finally bought one for the office. It may sound ridiculous but the amount of peace of mind that it brings me is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. Even if it is purely the placebo effect, it’s worth it. The anxiety is decreased which will in turn boost my immune system. Kids, this feeling is great. Don’t worry, though- I’ll have plenty of other things that bother me enough to blog about. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Why I’d Hate to be an Ignorant Douchebag

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Last night, a YouTube video of a young man named Samuel H. went Facebook and Twitter viral. In it, Samuel makes a string of negative, racial remarks against Asians. In the aftermath of the video gaining so much publicity, some have said in Samuel’s defense that he was “just joking” and that “everybody makes racial slurs sometimes.” But where does one draw the not-so-fine line between comedy and ignorant, hateful speech?

YouTube user TheBsnyde2424 saved the video from Facebook, where Samuel himself originally uploaded it, and then put it on YouTube. In the information section of the video, he includes the following disclaimer:

The guy in the video is not me — Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist) is what this Samuel H. titled his video. He made the video public on Facebook and decided to belittle anyone who opposed his video with elementary school-like comments. He…

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The “easy” button

Sometimes I want one of these. Okay- many times I want one of these. Then the desire passes and I realize that a) it’s impossible and b) I truly do appreciate things more when I work for them. It gets frustrating working hard and not having tangible results, but I am no longer in the business of instant gratification. I know from experience that in the long run eventually things work out- even if it’s not the way I want it to.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to remember how annoying the spoiled little brats are, and how much I don’t want to be like them.

Veruca Salt, you disgust me.

It’s Britney, bitch.

I don’t care what anyone says, or whatever happens in the future. I love you, Britney and you are fucking amazing. Get it, girl. Haters jus’ be jealous.


Oh, girls and boys. Who thought up this *wonderful* idea where you take pictures of yourself in the bathroom? Is that the most interesting thing you do all day? Document you in your best face where you take a dump? Is the lighting just so fabulous that you are compelled to capture on your ever-so-important camera phone? I just don’t get it. How is this attractive? It’s gross AND lazy. If this is something you think is so interesting and worthy of documenting and then post it for the world to see I’d hate to see what your idea of boring is. 

I’ve never seen a bathroom selfie and thought to myself “Wow, he/she looks SO GOOD in that picture, I should take a bathroom selfie too!”

If the highlight of your day is taking a picture of yourself where you shit and piss, I am so very sorry. Maybe you could take up some volunteer work, invest in some therapy, or watch paint dry. In the meantime, please spare the rest of us.

Happy (belated) National Grammar Day, everyone!

I am a proud, card-carrying member of the grammar police.


Wow.  It really is kismet that yesterday was National Grammar day. This is one of my TOP 5 Pet Peeves. When did correct grammar go out the window? I understand texting shortcuts and the occasional online quick-post, but some things really are unforgivable. When someone at least shows an effort to use correct grammar, it automatically makes them more attractive. Extra points for actual correct usage of “there” “they’re” and “their” as well as “your” and you’re”. It is incredibly unfortunate that this is the case.

The whistling and bullshit have started again today, but instead of wasting my time (other that the time I just wasted?) I will focus on other things that are more worthy of my time.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! My attittude has been adjusted and my outlook brighter than yesterday. I realized that none of of the BS is really that big of a deal, unless I let it become just that. I’m working on acceptance today, but before I do…