Why I’d Hate to be an Ignorant Douchebag

Thought Catalog

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Last night, a YouTube video of a young man named Samuel H. went Facebook and Twitter viral. In it, Samuel makes a string of negative, racial remarks against Asians. In the aftermath of the video gaining so much publicity, some have said in Samuel’s defense that he was “just joking” and that “everybody makes racial slurs sometimes.” But where does one draw the not-so-fine line between comedy and ignorant, hateful speech?

YouTube user TheBsnyde2424 saved the video from Facebook, where Samuel himself originally uploaded it, and then put it on YouTube. In the information section of the video, he includes the following disclaimer:

The guy in the video is not me — Why I’d Hate To Be Asian (Totally Not Racist) is what this Samuel H. titled his video. He made the video public on Facebook and decided to belittle anyone who opposed his video with elementary school-like comments. He…

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